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Fertility Alternatives Surrogacy Program


Fertility Alternatives has been serving Gestational Carriers 

(a.k.a. surrogates or surrogate mothers) and Intended Parents for over 25 years. Fertility Alternatives is one of the oldest and most experienced agencies available today.


As the owner of this full service, boutique agency, and a two time, Gestational Carrier, I have first hand experience with the surrogacy process and provide one on one support to the Carriers in my program.


You will receive close personal assistance throughout the process to include contract negotiations, timely compensation and medical expense payments, and travel arrangements. 


You will not have to worry about different case-managers overseeing your journey, unreturned calls/texts, or pressure to work with Intended Parents that are not a good fit.

You will have individual legal representation by some of the best attorneys in the industry at no cost to you.

A highly competitive and flexible gratitude compensation package is provided (valued between approximately $55,000-$75,000) and may include a "thank-you" gift in the form of a mini-vacation after you deliver, for a relaxing break with the companion of your choice. You may even qualify for a sign-on bonus, after your first embryo transfer procedure.

Candidates who meet the ideal criteria for surrogacy are being offered a special bonus within her contract. 

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate is a unique way to supplement your family income, while helping others at the same time. This option is great for stay at home moms, single moms, and moms in most lines of work.

We accept first-time surrogacy candidates and applicants who live in most states, and encourage you to apply.

As a "Gestational Carrier", you are not genetically related to the baby you carry. Instead the embryos are already created by the intended parents you are helping. You are in essence, providing babysitting services for nine months.

To apply as a Gestational Carrier, there are various ethical, medical and industry standard requirements you must fulfill in order to qualify.

These requirements are typical of all legitimate surrogacy programs.

Review all topics of the FAQs to learn more about the process.

Applicants must:

  • Be between the ages of 22-40. Experienced Carriers will be accepted until age 42 based on certain criteria.

  • Have delivered and raising at least one child.

  • Have no more than 2 previous C-sections.

  • Have had no more than 5 deliveries.

  • Have delivered a baby within the last 7 years. 

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) under 31.    

  • Have had recent, full-term previous pregnancies minimal complications. (gestational diabetes, hypertension, etc.)**

  • Provide pregnancy and delivery records for medical review.

  • Not have a significant history of depression/anxiety or require medications for such.

  • Be able to pass full medical and psychological screening.

  • Be nicotine, Cannabis, and drug free.

  • Have reliable transportation.

  • Not be under financial duress.

  • Not be receiving welfare benefits, government cash aid, or require food stamps.** 

  • Live in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Have a good support system of family or friends and reliable childcare options.

  • Have no significant criminal record or history of mental illness.

  • Be a legal resident, living in the United States.

  • Live in a "surrogacy friendly" state for legal parentage procedures.

  • Be highly mature, reliable, responsible, detail oriented, and patient.

  • Love the idea of helping others in this unique way.

*If your most recent pregnancies have been without complications but you have a history of complications in earlier pregnancies, your application may still be considered after a full review of your pregnancy and delivery records. Contact me to discuss your individual situation to see if you might qualify.

** You may still qualify if you have a medical plan through a state program and will be reviewed as needed.

Fertility Alternatives Pregnant Surrogate

Attention Applicants

with Jewish Heritage 


Jewish Couples and individuals need your help to follow Jewish law in order to use a gestational carrier.


Your help is desperately needed! If your direct maternal line is Jewish by descent, and you have documentation or other information to prove your linage, please Contact me to see if you qualify! 

You do not need to be practicing Judaism to qualify, you will be accepted until age 43 and will receive a special compensation rate.

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