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Full Egg Donation Application

Special Instructions: (Read carefully)

If you meet all of the requirements for the egg donor program, please complete the Fill-in PDF questionnaire with elaborative responses, paying special attention to spelling and grammar.

This application is an opportunity to share your educational and personal successes, and provide potential Intended Parents with information they may find impressive as they search for their ideal donor candidate.

The application includes questions pertaining to personal and family health information and required of all egg donation programs and IVF clinics.

An attractive and personable profile from your application will be created and shared with Intended Parents.

Your name and contact information will not be shared with Intended Parents and a Donor number will be assigned to your profile.


It is highly recommended you use a computer, not a mobile device to complete the application and documents. 


Save the application to your computer first.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, save the document to your computer, return it by EMAIL with a copy of your photo ID, and approximately 8-10 nice, clear photos of your face without unusual facial piercings (Lip, eyebrow, septum). If you wear glasses regularly, include photos with and without your glasses.

If you have other people in your photo, they will be cropped out.

Additional photos and documents  (college transcripts, test scores, etc.) may be requested at a later date after your application has been reviewed and you have been accepted into the program.

To sign the application in Adobe Acrobat use the pen/pencil tool.

If you are an experienced Donor,  prior cycle medical records will be collected for your file.

If you have any issues with the application, please let me know so I can provide suggestions or an alternative format.

Compensation will be determined after review of your application.

I look forward to working with you!

Dawn Hunt

Fertility Alternatives, Inc.


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