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Fertility Alternatives, Inc. Egg Donor Program


Fertility Alternatives has been serving Egg Donors and Intended Parents for over 25 years. Fertility Alternatives is one of the oldest and most experienced agencies out there.
We are not an Egg Bank and recommend you stay away from them. Egg Banks sell your individual eggs at a discounted rate to anyone.
We match you with real people who have chosen you specifically and believe in your kindness and value. The embryos they create are for them, exclusively. These couples and individuals have profiles with the agency.


As the president, facilitator and a six time experienced egg donor, my vast experience with the egg donation process allows me to provide you with a more personal support system. You will not have to worry about different case-managers overseeing your journey, unreturned calls/texts.


I will help you with your contract negotiations, arrange your payments, book your travel, assist with the medical process, and make sure you receive the highest compensation available based on your individual profile and experience, if any. 


With a strong educational background you may qualify for Exceptional Egg Donor Status which may allow you higher than average compensation.

This is an amazing way to supplement your income while helping others start a family. Many donors use their compensation to pay off college loans or invest in their futures.


We also have a referral program to reward you for your referrals. You don't even have to be an egg donor in the program to qualify!

We accept first time egg donation candidates and encourage you to apply if you qualify.

Carefully review all categories of the FAQs to fully educate yourself about the process before applying.


To apply as an Egg Donor, you must meet all criteria, below.


1. Be between the ages of 20-28.

2. Be a university student or graduate.

3. Have a BMI 25 or under.

4. Be nicotine, Cannabis, and drug free.

5. Not require medications for anxiety, depression, or ADHD.

6. Have minimal genetic family or personal health/  psychological disorders. 

7. Have low risk of infectious disease including Zika Virus.

8. Be a legal resident, or have a U.S. B-1 or B-2 visitor visa.

9. Have a reasonably flexible schedule.

10. Have reliable transportation.

11. Be ambitious, enthusiastic, autonomous, and have integrity.

11. Be detail oriented and able to follow specific instructions.

13. Be highly motivated to help a couple or individual become parents in this unique way.

*Proven donors will be accepted until age 31.

Graduate Egg Donors

Jewish, East Asian, South Asian, and Ivy League student/grad Applicants: 

Specialty compensation provided.

Contact me to see if you qualify!

Indian Egg Donor
Egg donor college students
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