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Client Services

With more than 25 years of experience, I identify and recruit well-qualified Gestational Carrier/Egg Donor candidates based on most clinic requirements, and facilitate the arrangement from start to finish.

Your privacy is my number one priority, keeping all parties' information completely confidential.


Fertility Alternatives has one of the most competitive agency fees in the industry ranging from $16,000-$19,500 for surrogacy services, and $5,000-$6,500 for egg donation services, based on your individual situation and requirements.

Below is a partial list of the services offered:

-Providing a secure online database of donors in the program including  "Exceptional" Donors (educated or candidates w/proven intelligence) as well as candidates of Jewish, South Asian, and East Asian descent.

-Properly vetting Surrogate and Egg Donor candidates.

-Securing a match between you and your chosen Egg Donor and/or Gestational Carrier.


-Providing you with an estimate of expenses for your individual case, before you commit.

-Providing professional referrals as needed for your individual case. (i.e. legal, medical, psychological)

-Arranging psychological evaluations for the Donors/Carriers with an independent psychologist avoiding any bias or conflict of interest.

-Arranging a criminal background check of potential gestational carrier  applicants and their partners.

-Coordinating with your chosen IVF clinic and a satellite monitoring clinic, as needed.

-Overseeing the financial aspects involved in an egg donation/surrogacy situation using fund management accounts to allow timely payments to the Donor/Carrier and for professional services.

-Assisting negotiations for a more efficient contract phase.

-Securing health or accident insurance coverage for your Donor/Carrier, as needed.

-Arranging all necessary travel for the Donor/Carrier and her companion.

-Accompanying the Egg Donor/Carrier to her egg retrieval/transfer procedure, as needed.

-Providing full emotional and moral support to you, and your Donor/Carrier. This includes but not limited to: injectable medication administration assistance, scheduling reminders, cycle calendar assistance, travel preparation, and regular updates.

-Sharing personal and professional experiences /recommendations as it relates to 3rd party reproduction.

-General and specialty advertising, especially necessary for high demand/low supply Donors/Carriers.


and more.


I look forward to assisting you!

Dawn Hunt

Fertility Alternatives, Inc.

Dawn T. Hunt

Dawn Hunt

President and Facilitator

Approximate Egg Donation Costs

Actual Amounts are highly dependent on your chosen Donor's compensation and your clinic's location. These amounts do not include IVF cost.


Approximate Surrogacy Costs

Actual Amounts are highly dependent on your chosen Carrier's compensation, your clinic's location, number of IVF attempts, whether or not twins are conceived, insurance, or complications result. These amounts do not include IVF costs.


Services not Provided

We do not pay your IVF costs from the fund management Account.

You will arrange payment directly with your medical facility to cover the costs of IVF.

We do not pay the cost of your Donor/Carrier's medications. 

Your IVF center will coordinate payments with you and the pharmacy directly.

We do not give you any legal or medical advice

I will however provide you with legal and/or medical referrals to allow you to get the appropriate professional advice for your case.

Contact me for more information and anticipated expenses.

Dear Dawn,

“We are really happy working with you, and we will definitely recommend your agency to other intended parents! One of the reasons is that you are incredibly aware of all the details and always respond promptly. It's really a joy! I wanted to let you know this, because I don't think we have had the chance to say so - so thanks! :-)  Val W.

Dear Dawn


We wanted to let you know that our baby girl was born at the end of January. She is beautiful and perfect and we could not be happier.  Thank you so much for all you did for us, and many thanks to Chris.


Thanks again


Cat S.

Hi Dawn-

Been thinking about emailing you. And your email popped up in a unrelated search in my inbox, so am going to take a moment and write a quick note.  Words can not express the amount of joy our little one has brought to our life. We are so fortunate to be living in a time where miracles like this can happen.  Thank you again for everything! I hope 'Jane' is doing well. She is an amazing person.

An C.

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