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Over 25 Years Creating Families through Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the support of Angels.
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Fertility Alternatives Surrogacy Program
Fathers via Surrogacy

A boutique surrogacy and egg donation agency offering close personal care and support for your journey.

Fertility Alternatives, Inc. Surrogacy and Egg Donation Program has been serving Intended Parents, Gestational Carriers (surrogates), and Egg Donors for over 26 years. As an experienced gestational carrier and egg donor, I have a first hand understanding of the process from a Surrogate/Egg Donor perspective.

Having made so many close, personal connections with Intended Parents with various challenges, I am also able to offer empathetic understanding and support.

As the founder and only facilitator of Fertility Alternatives, Inc., I have worked with most well-established IVF clinics and a number of independent legal, financial, and psychological professionals all over the United States, since 1998.

My main focus is the care for my Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents. As a result, I put little time into social media projects and focus my attention to the details of each case. I treat each journey as if it were my own, offering an honest, efficient, and dependable service.

I hope I can help you find your best match.

Dawn Hunt

Fertility Alternatives, Inc.

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