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My Story
Dawn Hunt Fertility Alternatives, Inc.
Dawn T. Hunt

President, Experienced Gestational Carrier,

and Egg Donor

“We are really happy working with you, and we will definitely recommend your agency to other intended parents! One of the reasons is that you are incredibly aware of all the details and always respond promptly. It's really a joy! I wanted to let you know this, because I don't think we have had the chance to say so - so thanks! :-)  Val W.
"I would like to begin my five star review by stating how perfectly balanced I found my experience with Dawn to be in regards to professionalism and personability. I had SUCH a positive experience working with her. As an egg donor, it is not always the case that we feel advocated for, taken care of, and kept well informed through the egg donation process. With Dawn, I always felt that we were "on the same team". Through her actions and the way in which she treated me, I grew to trust her and her opinion when I needed it. She always kept me punctually updated with any new information that I needed to be aware of. Her communication was incredibly efficient and timely, and she was constantly available whether it be via email, text, or phone call. She is a professional and it shows. I felt very minimal stress through my experience and I am certain this is because Dawn knows exactly what she is doing and has the skills and resources to make everyone's experience is as smooth as possible.  I do not live in her area, but randomly passed through a couple of months before my donation was to begin. Dawn insisted we meet up for coffee. I really appreciated her desire to connect with me in person, just to say hello. Thank you Dawn! I hope we are able to work together again in the future.
Sara AA. 
Becoming a surrogate is a huge decision. Make sure you do your research before you pick an agency. Having an agency that doesn't put you first can make a beautiful experience turn into a nightmare. That is what I am so glad that I contacted many different agencies before going with Fertility Alternatives. Dawn was so attentive to my needs and always was quick to respond and sort of any issues so I didn't have to worry about anything. It also meant a lot to me that she was a former surrogate and knew the process inside and out. I honestly can not recommend her enough to anyone wanting to begin this process.

Thank you for your interest in my program.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself 
and why I started Fertility Alternatives surrogacy and egg donation programs.

As a child I was always a very shy, honest, and responsible by nature. Growing up, these traits matured into an important part of who I am today.

I have always loved children and knew I would have a connection with children as a career choice. My dream was to be an Obstetrician, but most importantly I wanted to be a mother, and so I chose a more traditional career choice, a teacher, so I could spend more time with my children.

In my twenties, I learned about egg donation, and that I could help couples actually become parents!


I was instantly intrigued and decided to become an egg donor.

After my first match, I learned the couple to whom I had donated my eggs had become pregnant and delivered a son, I was so happy and fulfilled to provide such an amazing service. I decided to not only donate again, but become a gestational carrier.


I ultimately completed six egg donation cycles and two surrogacy journeys. (resulting in twins and a singleton, respectively.)

I felt like this was my calling and an amazing way for me to do my part in helping others start and complete their own families. 

During my first surrogacy experience, the agency I was working with, appeared to make a significant number errors. After time, the Intended Parents and myself decided to break from the agency and complete our journey without further assistance from this particular agency. Ultimately, the agency had to shut down due to fraud.

As a result, I took on all of the responsibilities of the agency, and decided to start my own boutique program where the intended parents, egg donors, and gestational carriers could feel supported throughout the process, allowing for communication, confidentiality, honesty, and diligence. 


I wanted pregnancy to be my clients' main focus, and to be as stress-free as possible.

For over 25 years, I have acquired an expertise in this field and have successfully matched and facilitated hundreds of surrogacy and egg donation cycles. I have developed strong relationships with medical facilities all over the country, still having managed to keep my agency small, personalized and extremely productive.

I aim to be different than most of the other agencies out there. I want all of my clients, gestational carriers, and egg donors to be treated with compassion, respect, and honesty, not a product on an assembly line. I am a firm believer in the “Golden Rule”. I want egg donation and surrogacy to be an option within every couple or individuals' grasp.

I love providing a unique service that will help bring love and joy to someone's life, bringing people together in sharing the experience of parenthood.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in finding the right match.

Dawn T. Hunt

President and Facilitator 

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